Steam (A PC Game Platform)

Steam is a must-have legit games' platform for gamers!

*This is not an advertisement, made in 2018/10/24

A picture of steam:

That is how steam at sales look like: It is a bit crazy.

Honest Advises from my expereinces:

There are some advantages that make steam a better platform:

  1. Big Deals happen almost once a month
  2. 100% Legitimate, no scam experienced, can get a refund
  3. High Speed Server, download at your fastest speed avaliable
  4. New standard of gaming
  5. Quick pay methods are really user-friendly

There is also some disadvantages:

  1. Less quality controls for some games
  2. Not recommanded for low-speed networks (obvious lags)
  3. Not all communities are friendly

After all, you can also check out the Humble-Bundle that also offers low-cost 3A games deals with charites.

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