Sunset Silhouettes

Art by Tegan Fossett



I made this about a year ago. I used quotes from the BBC show,
Sherlock. I drew it on the back of a Top Ramen box with sharpies. It took me about 6 hours.

For Addie

These are a pair of shoes I decorated as a Christmas Present for
my friend, Addie, our freshman year. It took me a couple weeks to make;
drawing on fabric proved quite a bit more difficult than cardboard.


This is one of my favorite pieces of art that I've made. It spanned a
couple months. I went through a couple sharpies to finish this piece. This
is my favorite drawing because it has some of my favorite lyrics from the bands
Bastille and Daughter. (You should check out their music. They're great.)


Just for fun, here is a cake I made in honor of the new season of Doctor Who.

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Fun facts about me:

Weekly Obsessions:

  1. Tove Lo's entire album
  2. Drawing witches. (I'm getting in the Halloween spirit!)
  3. Stomea, because who doesn't like French rap music?
  4. Binge watching Supernatural and then wondering how I could
    possibly have finished an entire season in 24 hours.