Thomas de Haven Roberts


In prep. Contemplation and question-embedding in Estonian.

Roberts, T. To appear. Responsive predicates are question-embedding: evidence from Estonian. To appear in the Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 22.

Altshuler, D., V. Hacquard, T. Roberts, & A. S. White (2015). On double access, cessation and parentheticality. In Semantics and Linguistic Theory 25, eds. S. D’Antonio, C. Little, M. Moroney, and M. Wiegand, 18-37. Ithaca, NY: CLC Publications.

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Refereed Presentations

2018. Stating the Obvious: Of Course as a Focus-Sensitive Marker of Uncontroversiality. Talk at Sinn und Bedeutung (SuB) 23, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, Sept. 5-7. (With Margaret Kroll)

2018. Pragmatic Licensing of Polar Questions in Estonian. Talk at the Chicago Linguistics Society (CLS) 54, Apr. 26-28.

2018. The structure of statives across categories. Talk at the Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Society of America (LSA), Salt Lake City, Jan. 4-7.

2017. Relating form and meaning in negative polar questions. Talk at InqBnB2, University of Amsterdam, December 18-19. [Slides]

2017. The selectional restrictions of responsive predicates in Estonian. Talk at Sinn und Bedeutung 22, ZAS Berlin/University of Potsdam, Sept. 7-10.[Handout]

2017. Responsive predicates are question-embedding: Evidence from Estonian. Talk at Chicago Linguistics Society (CLS) 53, May 25-27. [Handout]

2015. On double access, cessation and parentheticality. Presented at Semantics and Linguistic Theory 25, Stanford University. May 15-17. (With Daniel Altshuler, Valentine Hacquard, and Aaron Steven White; presented by D. Altshuler) [Slides]

Other Presentations

2018. The bias profile of Estonian negative polar questions. Poster at Linguistic at Santa Cruz (LASC), March 10.

2017. The semantics of responsive predicates and their complements in Estonian. Talk at Linguistics at Santa Cruz (LASC), March 18.

2015. Thinking about thinking in Estonian. California Universities Semantics and Pragmatics (CUSP) 8, Stanford University, November 6-7.