Thomas de Haven Roberts

I am a postdoc (onderzoeker) at the Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation at the University of Amsterdam. I recently completed my PhD in Linguistics at UC Santa Cruz. Before that, I got my S.B. in Linguistics and Philosophy from MIT and was a Baggett fellow at the University of Maryland.

As a semanticist, I construct formal mathematical models of natural language meaning, and in particular, how this meaning interacts with linguistic structure (syntax) and real-world conversational context (pragmatics). My dissertation examines predicates of belief like believe and think, and argues that structural properties of these predicates are systematially derived from their lexical semantics in ways that are common to all languages. I'm also particularly interested in negation, tense/aspect, the pragmatic contribution of discourse particles, the interpretation of biased questions, and the pragmatics of internet discourse.

Contact: t.roberts at uva dot nl