Tanner Woods' Home Page

Done for Professor Moulde's CMPE 3 class in Winter 2019

Contact me here: tamwoods@ucsc.edu


If you're bored, then try some of my favorite subreddits: r/HistoryMemes, r/AskHistorians, r/AmItheAsshole, r/dankmemes, or r/TheChurchOfShaggy.

Our Lord and Savior, Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers

If you're an employer on this page (for some reason), then please hire me. I can bring the following to the table:

  1. Burning passion to do whatever you tell me to
  2. An even more burning passion to make money while also making you money, too
  3. People skills

If I had to describe my college experience up here at Santa Cruz, then I would compare it to the Germans fighting on the Eastern Front since I am: