Welcome to Shilu's web site

- This is Shilu Yin from UC Santa Cruz -


A glance of my school, this is the Merrill Dining Hall.

The UCSC has ten campus, I am in the Rachel Carson College, they are

  1. College Nine
  2. College Ten
  3. Crown College
  4. Cowell College
  5. Kresge College
  6. Merrill College
  7. Oaks College
  8. Porter College
  9. Rachel Carson College
  10. Stevenson College

If you are interested, here is a link to my school website: https://www.ucsc.edu.

The place I live, Pacific Shores Apartment.

They have 2b2b, 2b1b and 1b1b in this apartment, and here is a list of amenities in the community.

It is a nice and beautiful place to live, a lot of UCSC students live here as well.

If you also like here, please go to their website: https://www.pacificshoresapts.com

If you have any questions...

Email me at: syin5@ucsc.edu

Call me at: 012-345-6789