EXO - Tempo Dance Cover for POPreKa

What is POPreKa?

POPreKa is a student run club for students who enjoy K-POP and likes to dance.
POPreKa got its name from K-POP and Eureka! where people who enjoys listening and
dancing to K-POP songs can come and meet new people who also enjoys K-POP and create
new and fun experiences within each other! I have been part of this club since last year
of spring quarter, and I am currently a staff member with the position of Social Media Chair.
I first joined this club last year during spring quarter because I was staying in
my room most of the time with my roommates and we decided we should join a club
or something. While we were looking up clubs to join, we decided we should join a
dancing club because we were too lazy to exercise and dancing was probably more fun
than actually going to the gym. We decided we should join a korean dance group cuz
having something in common with the original members would be nice and I am Korean!
That's how we found out about POPreKa. I personally really enjoyed meeting new people here
and everyone here are so caring and nice, but also have a mature understanding of their lives.
Here's a link to the POPreKa website!
Here's another link to POPreKa Facebook page!

What is EXO - "Tempo"?

So, EXO is a K-POP group consisting of 8 members currently:
and they have been a group since 2011 by SM Entertainment and debuted in 2012.
The song Tempo is a song by this group that was created in November 2nd.
This song was part of their 5th album called "DONT MESS UP MY TEMPO" with 10 other
songs that are listed in the album. This song has over 100 million views on Youtube.

Here is the video!

My Experience of the Cover

Before this cover this year, there was a lot of other cover opportunities I could've taken!
POPreKa has done the list of covers this year in order:
  1. iKON - Love Scenario
  2. G-IDLE - LA TA TA
  3. EXID - I Love You
  4. EXO - Tempo
I wanted to to some of these songs, but I was not confident enough in my dancing skills for me to even
try out for these songs and EXO finally gave me courage to try out for the dance, and I got in!
being in a cover is very different; it's like working in a big group project and it's really fun
beacuse it's a song that I personally enjoy and working with others who also liked the song really
got me going to work hard and make the cover look as amazing as possible! The cover is currently not
out yet, but POPreKa has a Youtube page that they upload so I'm excited for it to come out.

This is a group photo we took for the cover.

If you want more info on ANYTHING (maybe joining POPreKa) on the website, feel free to email me at suchoe@ucsc.edu!