Welcome to Samira Karimi's webpage :)

Here you'll learn a lil' something bout me!

I am a 2nd year neuroscience major at UCSC, taking personal computers to expand my knowledge about the technological world and all it has to offer. I hope to call myself a little more tech savvy towards the end of this quarter B-)

Here are some of my interests and hobbies!

  1. I absolutely love music. If you ever see me on the UC campus, I'll always have my beats headphones in
  2. I'm a huge foodie, I'm always trying new and different kinds of exotic foods
  3. I played basketball for about 9 years of my life. Go Warriors!
  4. I'm full Persian and speak Farsi fluently. I have a lot of Persian pride in me and love my culture.
  5. I hope to become a neural drug researcher one day, ALS and Parkinsons have always been my points of focus.
  6. My favorite music/artists