Sean Sjahrial



My priority major in college was physics, it was my first choice. I love so many aspects of physics even when it's frustrating, the "Eureka Moment" is well worth the wait.


I started surfing the summer of 2016, it was like living a childhood dream. I have always loved board sports such as skateboarding, but its much more similar to snowboarding.


I have loved computers since the first time I "hacked" my father's computer. Whether its building computers, personalizing, or programming, Sean.continueComputing();

Other Interests

Ocean II Skies Mountains


If you would like to contact me, please leave your name email and the short description. Thanks

Everything between these lines might be deleted once I submit this as homework
  1. Taro milk tea is my favorite flavor of boba.
  2. I don't like hoppy beer, so no IPA.
  3. Trying new things including food, sports, and adventures
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