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Welcome to My Travel Journal

In this website, I'll share with you my travel experiences.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Here is the list of cities that I have visited.

I visited these seven cities with my backpack for 3 weeks.

1, San Francisco

In the seven cities that I visited, San Francisco is the best.

2, Las Vegas

When I visited to Las Vegas, I was 20 and could not enjoy casino but it was cool to visit.

3, Fort Worth

I met real cowboys, it was cool.

4, New Orleans

I went to listen some Jazz concerts.

5, Chicago

I enjoyed the foods in Chicago.

6, Washington DC

I went to some museums.

7, Orland

I went to all theme parks in Disney World and ate sushi.

3 useful websites for traveling

  2. Skyscanner
  3. Hostelling International USA

If you have any questions about my travel, send email to me (This email address does not exist).

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