S̅-Circle is UCSC’s syntax reading group. It serves as an informal venue to discuss papers, new and old, which deal with theoretical syntax and its interfaces.

Spring quarter 2017, we meet on Tuesdays 12:00–1:00 in the LCR.


May 2
Boeckx (2010). A tale of two minimalisms: Reflections on the plausibility of crash-proof syntax, and its free-merge alternative

April 24
Ott (2015). Symmetric Merge and local instability: Evidence from split topics.
    Special location: HUM 2, room 259.

April 18
Bošković & Messick (to appear). Derivational economy in syntax and semantics.

April 11
Georgi & Salzmann (2017). The matching effect in resumption: A local analysis based on Case attraction and top-down derivation.