I’m a fourth year PhD student in the Linguistics program at UC Santa Cruz. My broad research interests are theoretical morphosyntax, psycholinguistics, and the languages of the Caucasus (especially Georgian) & Mesoamerica (especially Zapotec languages).

Much of my research has revolved around Georgian’s complex case & agreement systems. On the theoretical side, I’ve explored an Optimality Theoretic approach to the language’s agreement morphology, arguing that optimization sheds light on
the system’s patterns of multiple exponence.

On the experimental side, I’m working on a series of self-paced reading studies that explore how morphological cues from Georgian’s split-ergative case system influence online processing of relative clauses.

I’m also involved in UCSC’s Mesoamerican language research group, WLMA. Recent fieldwork with colleagues on Santiago Laxopa Zapotec has investigated the language’s pronimal clitic system, which poses a challenge to current theories of Person–Case Constraints.

Contact me at: srfoleyat ucscdot edu