The Philpott Lab


Members of Stacy Philpott’s lab (i.e. The ANTS lab) aim to learn about the ecology, conservation, and sustainability of agroecosystems. We conduct research in the tropics and in temperate agricultural systems, and a large part of our work focuses on understanding local and landscape drivers of biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes. We also strive to understand how ecological processes and interactions in agricultural systems may promote human livelihoods. Please see the links above for more information on who we are, our research projects, publications, and photos of our research projects.

Information for Prospective Graduate Students

At this time, there are no current openings for PhD students to start in fall 2016. Generally though, students in the lab work in both local and international research.  Students are expected to develop independent projects with thematic linkages to current lab projects either in tropical or temperate regions.  

Information for Undergraduate Students

Our lab has ample opportunities for learning about insect ecology and taxonomy, urban ecology, agroecosystems, and tropical biology. We are usually looking for students to do lab work during the school year and offer international and local research opportunities during the summer.  Please send an email to sphilpot ‘at’ if interested.

Contact Information

Environmental Studies Department

1156 High Street

Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Lab Retreat, Big Creek Reserve, CA 2014

Lab Meeting, UCSC, 2014

Puerto Chiapas, Mexico, 2013

Finca Irlanda, Chiapas, Mexico 2010

Lab picnic, Toledo, Ohio 2009

Kitty Todd Preserve, Ohio, 2008

ANTS lab with visitors from Mexico - 2015 - UCSC Farm