Welcome to the Archibald Fanclub

He is the most wonderful dog in the world!

Reasons why he is the most wonderful dog: If you would like to join the Archibald Fanclub (and receive exclusive pictures of the man himself):
  1. Send me an email.
  2. List me 10 reasons why you are worthy enough to join our club for our Overlord.
  3. Send me a photoshopped photo of Archibald using this photo.
  4. If you are deemed worthy, you will be emailed back an exclusive photo of our beloved Archibald. If you are deemed unworthy, you will be emailed back this photo of Atticus, Archibald's brother.
  5. Once you are admitted into the Archibald Fanclub, you will be part of the most prestigious group in all of the West Coast of the U.S.

If you have just come from the hello_java webpage, HI THERE.