have you heard the good news?

that the sins of the flesh have been welcomed into the fold once more?

Ed placed his hand over Lyon's hand; we all looked from Ed to Tom. Tom looked at Lyon; we all did. she was staring intently at Sarah, who slowly looked up from her plate and at her daughter. And then, casually, Lyon slipped her hand out from beneath Ed's and passed me the potatoes, though I had not asked for the potatoes. I took the dish and she did not release the dish and we held the dish together for a moment, it hovered over her parents' dinner table. My eyes ventured slowly from the dish, to the front of her blouse, to her eyes. What did I fear I would find there? Meanness and gloating? Slyness? Shame? They were sparkling with the old love, the greatest love of my lifetime. And they were triumphant.
Miranda July, "How to Tell Stories to Children" (No One Belongs Here More Than You)

But in a way Gatsby's pristine books and my father's worn ones signify the same thing--the preference of a fiction to reality. If Fitzgerald's own life hadn't turned from fairy tale to tragedy, would his stories of disenchantment have resonated so deeply with my father? Gatsby in the pool. Zelda in the asylum. Scott in Hollywood, an alcoholic, dying of a heart attack at forty-four. Struck by the coincidence, I counted out their lifespans. The same number of months, the same number of weeks...but Fitzgerald lived three days longer.

For a wild moment I entertained the idea that my father had timed his death with this in mind, as some sort of deranged tribute. But that would only confirm that his death was not my fault. That, in fact, it had nothing to do with me at all. And I'm reluctant to let go of that last, tenuous bond.
Alison Bechdel, Fun Home

this is probably my favorite ad that i've ever seen online because it makes absolutely, 100% no sense at all. there is no way you can hold this gun and fire it without massively injuring yourself. you either mess up your hand or you mess up whatever part of your body the bullet hits as it travels out of the barrel and toward you. this, truly, is the career for me.

also, this text is not center-aligned with the center tag, but via some CSS-style instructions at the beginning of this page's source code. rest assured that i do, in fact, know how to center text using that tag! however, it didn't specify that the centered text in this assignment had to be centered using center, and i didn't want to have to write a whole other container class just to show that i know how to use center, so i hope that this will count toward the "centered text" requirement.

  1. following that each person should get to choose how they communicate with the world,
    1. given that there are a nearly infinite number of ways to do that,
    2. many of which don't work,
    3. all of which rely on the whim and ability of humans to function at all,
  2. and following that text-based communication in general is far and away the strongest option available at this point in time,
    1. at least until we manage to skip the whole "communication" process and just jump straight into physically materializing our personal horrors with our minds alone,
  3. you can contact me through email.