CE3 Assignment 2 (with a centered title!)

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This poor relic of the past is lacking the basic niceties expected of a webpage.
You may be wondering why some of this text is in italic or bold font for no reason, it is because we must show that we can write a text with both a <i> and <b>!
Oh, and the background is yellow for no reason other then needing a non-white background.

What most normal webpages have now days:

  1. CSS or some other type of styling code to handle formatting and making things look good.
  2. Python, Javascript, or some other language that can be used to access a server and do more advanced tasks.

Off topic

^ Look at me! I am a random horizontal line :O

This is web2py, a python based framework for making more advanced web applications.
This in an example of what a web2py project looks like when open in a fancy editor: