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BROCKHAMPTON: redefining "boy band"


They're my favorite music group. They make experimental music, blending together a varity of genres, including:

into their music.

You can hear these influences in their latest album, IRIDESCENCE, released Sept. 21.

I believe their success comes from the creative input from their many members, which are
  1. Kevin Abstract
  2. Merlyn Wood
  3. Joba
  4. Matt Champion
  5. Dom McLennon
  6. Ameer Vaan (recently left the group)
  7. Bearface
  8. Romil Hemnani
  9. Jabari Manwa
  10. Kiko Merley
  11. Henock "HK" Sileshi
  12. Ashlan Grey
  13. Robert Ontenient
  14. Jon Nunes
  15. Kevin Doan
I can send you some videos of the concert if you email me at smelone@ucsc.edu

Sean Melone