Game of Thrones Lore Character History: Jenny of Oldstones

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Wife of Duncan Targaryen, the Prince of Dragonflies

Said to have been a strange, yet lovely gril. Duncan met Jenny while traveling through the Riverlands. He loved her so much he married her against the wishes of his father. He ultimately refused his right to the Iron Throne for her.

This is Jenny of Oldstones.

She was friends with a wood witch, whom she brought to court. The witch prophesied that the prince who was promised would be born to the Targaryen family. Tragedy struck when Prince Duncan, her husband, died at the "tragedy at Summerhall" in 259 AC. Afterward, the song "Jenny's Song", was written. The lyrics referencing the tragic loss she endured, stating:
  1. High in the halls of the kings who are gone, Jenny would dance with her ghosts...
    • Referencing the halls of the Targaryen leisure home, Sommerhall, which burned down and killed her husband.
  2. The ones she had lost, and the ones she had found, and the ones who had loved her the most
    • Referring to the death of her husband, Prince Duncan, as well as all the others who died in the tragedy.
    • The additional lyrics, were written for the show, Game of Thrones, and not present in the books. Therefore, many theorize that these lyrics may foreshadow events in the show that are yet to occur.
  3. They spun her around in the old damp stone...spun away all her sorrow and pain...She never wanted to leave
    • The memory of her loved ones brought her joy and relief, though disconnecting her from the rest of the world.

The story of Jenny of Oldstones, though beginning on rather promising and joyful terms, sadly ended in sadness that, like the song suggests, still haunts those who remember her and the tragedy of Sommerhall.

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