Hello! This is Lucky the ShiChi.

He is 2 months old!

Here are some little quirks about my puppy:

  1. His name was originally suppose to be Sir Machi Tiberius Atticus Lucky Poopsalot.
  2. He is a Shih tzu Chihuahua mix.
  3. He was born in August of 2014.
  4. He has really long sharp teeth.
  5. He loves to bite and tug on anything made of cloth.
  6. He poops next to the pee/poo training pads.
  7. He scavenges and literally eats everything.
  8. He likes to cuddle and sleep on laps.
  9. His favorite spot in the house is under the couch.
  10. He likes to wake up at 1AM, 3AM and 5AM to play.

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