Hi:] This is my attempt at making a web page.

HI THERE Click here to go to a webpage I helped make!

Hopefully this comes out right, you never know.

And here is a couple of pctures from my trip to Europe this Summer :]

Here are some of my self portraits from my trip.

There is one picture from London, Paris, Rome, and Itally

This is London.

This is Paris.

This is Rome.

This is Switzerland.

One of my Favorite places:]

If you want to create a perfect portict of yourselve, follow thse simple steps:

  1. Get a camrera.
  2. Hold out the camera away from your body and take a picture.
  3. Look at picture, if not the best, ask a member of your group to take the picture.
  4. then look at the picture.
  5. and if it still sucks, good luck finding a photographer!

Now that you know how to take a good picture, its time to put it to good use! Travel the World with your new found skills:] How to go to Europe!

  • Ask at school if there is a travel club!
  • Join club and Fundraise!
  • Go to Europe:]
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Its a great way to pass the time:}