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do i have percival yet?: No (updated 1/28/2018)

i have loved this man ever since summer 2016. i've been playing this game for 1.5y.
when will he come home? not even lucifer knows the answer to this question.


Granblue Fantasy is a free-to-play multi-player fantasy mobile game (also playable on browser) developed and released by Japanese game company Cygames. You play as Gran/Djeeta (male and female egos of the player respectively), an aspiring teenage skyfarer travelling the skies in search of adventure and the secrets behind their birth. You look to the mythical island Estalucia, an island across the Blue Beyond that supposedly grants the wishes to any that survive the travel.

Throughout your journey across the Skydoms, you encounter various characters and learn about their colorful personalities! Percival is one of them!

Basic Information

Here is Percival

↑ this is the 5* art for his non-limited SSR

↑ another skin, only obtainable by points you get from buying the TCG deck.

↑ this is the uncap art for his event SR

↑ and he got a christmas skin last year.
thanks for looking at all these photos of percival i really appreciate it

Other Information

The youngest brother of three, Percival is from an aristocratic family in Wales. Although his father was often away for business-related purposes, Percival grew up in close and loving family environment. Much of his dreams and interests come from the teachings of his mother, Herzeloyde, a woman with an almost saintlike love and patience for those in need.

ok im sorry. i cant summarize the rest of his background because i'll start crying.

↑ a conversation between herzeloyde and percival when he was a child. from the event between frost and flame.
i just want to state on the record that he never forgot this promise he made to his mom. he is a good boy who keeps all his promises to the very end.

tl;dr: percival had to witness his mom die in front of him as a young child. percival also had to witness rage and spite breed a literal grudge demon within his oldest brother aglovale, ultimately leading to his end. and lamorak, his other older brother, is a wandering sorceror and no one, not even cygames, knows where he is.

yet, percival continues to strive to do good for those in need in the world. even if he has a habit of calling comrades his vassals and people mongrels, percival is a man with a genuinely good heart. and i trust him with my entire life.


If you roll Percival (first of all, congratulations; second of all, leave this page immediately), here is a step-by-step instruction to use him in your fire team:

  1. Have a fire team, first of all.
  2. Put him in the front line. Never have him in back line until Cygames releases another monster nuker.
  3. Stare at him. Optional: Tell him you love him (for me, if you haven't left this page yet, for whatever reason).
  4. I actually have no idea how to use him, I don't have a fire team.
  5. Most team builds have Percival and Yuel in the same team. I have no idea how they synergize. This section is functionally useless.

How to Use Halloween Eustace

If you roll Halloween Eustace, welcome to the club. He's a bit of a pain to use (requires button pushing to balance his stacks, he doesn't hit as hard as fast compared to earth's other attackers in the game), but ... he's got a sexy back ;)

↑wife city's brother: husband city
  1. Have an earth team.
  2. If you're putting him on frontline: Put him on the 3rd party slot.
    Eustaces stacks can only be cleared by using his CA, if you're not playing a class (ie. Drum Master, Mechanic) or a character (ie. Octo) to redistribute ougi among your party, it'll be useful for him to piggyback off of his teammates CA. Basically: If his teammates charge to 100% and use their CA before he does, he can receive 10% per CA.
  3. Try to keep his stacks regulated by keeping his CA in check. He gains 2 stacks every turn. At 10 stacks he self-paralyzes so it's important to have him get to 100% ougi at 8 or 9 stacks. His stacks multiply his CA damage so the more you have, the harder he'll hit. To get to 9 stacks you either use his 2nd skill "Tonight I Fly" to reduce 3 stacks or you use his 3rd skill "Wasted Earth" to gain 1 stack.
    H.Eustace synergizes well with Grand Eugen's 2nd skill "Sudden Attack".
  4. Hit that "Auto CA" button once he reaches 100% ougi.
  5. Attack
  6. Repeat


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[1]: granblue community wiki

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