Welcome to my twisted look book ;^}. Do you feel my gaze? The gaze...of fashion.

Please enjoy these outfit selections that I've curated today. You might see me in them, one day.

let's get uncomfortable...I call this look, "Madame Cosmic Silence"

important elements of this

This next look is called...."Metallic Mega-Bully"

KEY features of this look

  1. the purple shorts are unlike any other. truly unique, metallic, Purple, in every way.
  2. in combination with the shorts, the jacket makes this a catwalking, dogwalking, lunch money stealing, super metallic, jewel toned robolook.
  3. you'll shine in the sun. like, a lot. so watch out for that.
  4. very pair able with pink sunglasses, or perhaps even jewel reminiscent, heart-shaped sunglasses. block out the haters, while being the biggest shiniest hater around.
  5. hell! even show up to haters brunch with this outfit! grub on some Eggs Vinidict in luxury and iridescence.
  6. shoes? maybe.

here's a song to think about when wearing the Metallic Mega-Bully look

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