Sav Heydon

professional extraordinaire


Thank you for your interest in learning about the necessary degree of dedication one must have to call themselves a true fan of pro wrestling. I assume you're here to find out just how hardcore and no-nonsense the wrestling world can be. I'm here to teach you.

First, let me tell you a story.

This was me before I really got into Smackdown:

Sure, I had an inkling of interest in the sport. But my devotion wavered. That is, until I made the decision to make my well-being a top priority. Here's how I changed and how you can, too:


How to tell a true wrestling fan from a total poser:

  1. A true fan can recite the WWE code of conduct by heart and with heart.
  2. A true fan can draw a picture of The Undertaker from memory.
  3. A true fan knows the circumference of every pro wrestler's neck in centimeters.
  4. A true fan bows in the presence of Vince McMahon, WWE chairman and CEO.
  5. A true fan has this website bookmarked on every one of their and their mother's electronic devices.

When you see a total poser, do not attempt to initiate conversation. Do not look them in the eyes. Do not acknowledge. Do not hi-five. Pray.

Good luck out there, soldier.