Fully Funded Scholarship in Norway and its conditions

Norway scholarships, the conditions for obtaining admission to Norwegian universities, along with scholarships and tuition fees in Norway, are scientifically reviewed in this article. For those interested in studying in Norway, the question may be asked whether it is possible to apply for a Norwegian scholarship. Or does the Norway scholarships include degrees and is it awarded to all nationalities? For example: Norway scholarships for international students , ghanaians and Pakistani students.

Norwegian Scholarship and General Conditions

Norway is a very popular destination for international students due to its high quality education and student migration is one of the most popular ways to immigrate to Norway. In general, tuition at Norwegian public universities and state colleges is almost free, as the Norwegian government pays tuition fees to public universities and colleges. Of course, these conditions do not apply to private institutions and universities. Norwegian higher education includes eight universities, nine academic and specialized institutions, 20 state colleges, two national art colleges and 16 private colleges. All degrees are offered in all of these colleges and colleges. According to the official website of studying in Norway at www.studyinnorway.no, the cost of student living in Norway is estimated to be higher than in many other countries. Living in Norway is known to be expensive, which is why applicants to continue their studies in Norway are interested in receiving a scholarship.

Norway scholarships and its conditions

Norway scholarships are often awarded to Norwegian citizens or citizens of the European Economic Area. One of the Norwegian scholarships that may be awarded to Iranians is The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. The requirements for receiving this scholarship for non-Norwegian citizens are as follows.

Refugees in Norway
You can receive this scholarship if you are married to a Norwegian citizen and live in Norway with your spouse.
Have a residence permit as a family member of a European Economic Area citizen.
You live in Norway with another person who resides in Norway other than study.
You have been working full time in Norway for the last 24 months.
You have been studying full time in Norway for the last three years.

Norwegian Undergraduate Scholarship

The good thing about Norwegian universities is that you will not need to pay for tuition at various levels of study, including undergraduate courses, and it can be said that studying at Norwegian universities is free. Of course, you have to pay around € 20 to € 30 per semester, which allows you to join the University Student Welfare Organization and includes various benefits, including lower fares on public transport. However, you still have to pay for living in Norway, which can be said to be relatively expensive. Therefore, undergraduate students are looking to receive scholarships. Scholarships will be introduced later in the article, some of which are available at the undergraduate level.

The following are some Norwegian scholarships offered to international undergraduate students.

EEA / Norway Grants

Nordplus Higher Education