About Me

I'm Szilárd Gyalay, a graduate student studying planetary science at UC Santa Cruz. I use geophysics to unveil the secrets of planetary bodies, such as whether or not Io has a subsurface magma ocean (watch my LPSC presentation), based off similar work I have done for water oceans beneath the icy surfaces of Saturn's satellites. I have also examined how Mars' crustal porosity may reveal its thermal history (watch my AGU presentation or listen to my WeMartians podcast interview for more information). In a recent update at the 53rd LPSC, I attempt to examine how more recent Martian craters can generate porosity deep in Mars' crust. In the past I have worked on quantifying the ice-content of Martian soil, re-calibrating the Moon's thermometer, and the variability of the Jovian magnetosphere.

Learn more about my current and past research from links to papers, posters, and abstracts.