Sharifa Crandall

Environmental Studies

University of California, Santa Cruz


Welcome to my site!

I am interested in understanding:  1) what drives plant and fungal species diversity across time and space? and 2) how can we effectively manage and conserve native species and ecosystems? 

I research fungal diversity and spore dynamics in redwood, mixed-evergreen, and chaparral plant communities in coastal California. I also analyze fungal trait data with phylogenetic comparative methods to determine which ecological traits are conserved through evolutionary time. I am also interested in understanding how native fungi and plants are harvested and used culturally as non-timber forest products in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Prior to starting my doctoral research, I worked on the reforestation of degraded habitats in Hawaii using culturally and ecologically important native plant species.

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Sharifa G. Crandall

PhD Candidate

NAS / Ford Foundation Fellow

Gilbert Lab

Environmental Studies Department

University of California, Santa Cruz

1156 High Street

Santa Cruz, CA 95064



Office: Natural Sciences 2 Room 487

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