Sofia, the Big Sister
Little details about myself are that I am the oldest of four children. I have three younger brothers that range in different ages. My youngest brother is 2 and a half years old. While I am away at college, my two brothers take care of my baby brother and he is a hand full. Besides that, I am the first to attend a four-year university and I am in the process of applying to biomedical graduate school. I am in the middle of interviewing and traveling, which takes a lot of time but totally worth it.

Sofia's Brothers

Reasons I Enjoy Being an Older Sister

  1. Always having someone to bother and tease
  2. Always having someone to talk to and join you on fun activities
  3. Always having someone to boss around
  4. Always having someone to mentor and give advice

If you would like to reach me and discuss in further why being an older sibling is awesome, shoot me an email here.