Shannan's Santa Cruz Bucket List

Graduation is just around the corner...

We've got seven weeks left in this town, and there's still so much to do!

#1: Hiking at Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden

#2: A burger at Jack's


#3: Surfing at Cowells


  1. An oasis tucked away up the San Lorenzo River, Garden of Eden features a swimming hole circumscribed by a rocky hillside. It's a go-to spot for folks to hike and cool down.
  2. One of the few honest joints to get a no-frills burger in this town, I'm itching to try Jack's Pastrami cheeseburger, but hopefully I don't go into cardiac arrest.
  3. If you've ever been to the boardwalk or driven on West Cliff Drive, chances are you've seen this popular surf spot. Catch both kooks and seasoned surfers alike at Cowells lineup!

Got any bucket list items of your own? Email me!

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