UCSC is a great place to be a Mountain Biker!

Do you want to know why? Too bad, I'm gonna tell you anyway!

  1. Santa Cruz has very loamy trails that make shredding fun and falling painless!
  2. Santa Cruz has one of the largest cycling communities and the MBOSC are always at work repairing and building new trails!
  3. UCSC has one of the best mountain biking teams in the Western Collegiate Conference!
    This is Luke, Luke doesn't hit jumps much, but it's okay! because some jumps are safe to "Case" But what is "Casing?"
    • It is when you don't clear the jump fully and land behind the landing
    • Some jumps will buck you off if you case, but this one is safe to case
    • These types of jumps are fun because there is very little risk involved
      If you want to case too, email here