Indoor Garden

My lease stated that I could not dig into the ground, so I did the best with what I had and bought a few orchids

I was of the mind that if I could care for plants as finicky as orchids that other plants would be a welcome relief

Reasons You Might Want To Adopt An Orchid Of Your Own


Vivian was my first orchid. This Dendrobium Nobile is beginner friendly,
or so I was told by the lady who sold me her, but to be honest Vivian began to wilt and it was due to the fact I was not watering her enough.
So as I'm typing this Vivian isn't too happy with me and I'm in the process of trying to revive her.

I'm hoping she likes her spot in my room


Vincent was my second orchid. This Miltoniopsis Morris Chestnut orchid has a leaf pattern similar to another orchid I want.
named the Vanda orchid which is native to the Philippines known as Waling-Waling
And I actually have a tattoo of Waling-Waling on my left arm.
As of right now Vincent is doing alright but I've only had him for about 6 days so that might change quickly.

Oddly enough as I was researching Vincent's species of orchid the plain english name for the orchid popped up as Morris Chestnut 'Vivian'
A lovely coincidence if I've ever seen one.

Is your home suitable for orchids?

The following conditions must be met in order to properly care for an orchid.

  1. Decent time management, or the desire to have better time management
  2. Ample motivation to take care of plant that's rather unforgiving. Please refrain from cursing at your orchid. This will hurt their feelings.
  3. Well lit portion of the house where the orchid can receive indirect sunlight
  4. A bit of spending money since these flowers aren't cheap
  5. People to show your lovely orchids off to. I suggest Instagram.

A far more comprehensive guide as to start caring for your new plant child can be found here

Written by Stephen Burden.