Samit Dasgupta
Professor of Mathematics
University of California, Santa Cruz

Slides for Iwasawa 2017


On the Gross-Stark Conjecture, (with Mahesh Kakde and Kevin Ventullo),
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Refereed Conference Proceedings

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p-adic L-functions and Euler systems: a tale in two trilogies, (with Massimo Bertolini, Francesc Castella, Henri Darmon, Kartik Prasanna, and Victor Rotger),
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Gross-Stark Units, Stark-Heegner Points, and Class Fields of Real Quadratic Fields,
PhD. Thesis, University of California-Berkeley, May 2004.
Stark's Conjectures,
Senior honors thesis, Harvard University, April 1999.

Teaching (Winter 2018)

Math 103

Undergraduate Algebra

Math 201

Graduate Algebra III

Bay Area Algebraic Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry Day

Day 15, December 2, 2017, Berkeley
Day 14, April 29, 2017, Santa Cruz
Day 13, January 28, 2017, Stanford
Day 12, April 9, 2016, Berkeley
Day 11, December 5, 2015, Santa Cruz
Day 10, February 21, 2015, Stanford
Day 9, November 15, 2014, Berkeley
Day 8, April 26, 2014, Stanford
Day 7, December 7, 2013, Santa Cruz
Day 6, April 6, 2013, Berkeley
Day 5, November 10, 2012, Santa Cruz
Day 4, March 3, 2012, Stanford
Day 3, October 22, 2011, Santa Cruz
Day 2, April 2, 2011, Berkeley
Day 1, November 6, 2010, Santa Cruz


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