Cherry Blossom Season at the University of Washington

I have studied in Seattle for three years, I want to tell you the cherry blossoms of the University of Washington must not be missed.

Here is one of the pictures I took of cherry blossoms of the UW when I visited there with my friend:

The scene of cherry blossom of UW is very famous
The reasons I talk about the view of cherry blossoms in UW
  1. I like to share the good things that I observed to others, so I want to share the beautiful scenery over there to others.
  2. I visited UW and some other places of Seattle with my friend during weekend, this picture reminds me that wonderful trip.
  3. I had a good time in seattle, this picture is one of my memories of there.

If you want to know more about cherry blossoms in UW , UW's website will give you more informations. Email Me if would like to talk about your experience in Seattle, I am glad with that.