Background and Belief

The only clouds that summer were from the white dust anytime someone happened by that rock road in rural Illinois. While his father was changing the tire off that beat-up Country Squire, Steve was borne in the backseat thanks to the help of a passing farmer. The dryness and the heat left the infant boy coughing and thirsty. His upbringing was unfortunately different from other rural boys who road dirt bikes and shot squirrels, he instead travelled around with his folks preaching the Word in large tents, learning to read and write and trusting in the kindness of all strangers.

All the showmanship and the power to spin illusion over an audience was not lost on Steve, it became the basis for his professional career in show business. Steve has developed some experience in all areas of design for the performing arts. Much more practiced at technical design, he is currently refocusing his conceptual work towards audio and video design. Steve is not validating spectacle as performance; on the contrary, he is striving for the seamless integration of technology into narratives that modern people have come to expect. The embracing of this technology is to interact with audience and accentuate key ideas in a manner closer suited to the refinement of today. This drive for the betterment of society through cultural enrichment is the underlying current in his incorporation of the digital aesthetic into both traditional and non-traditional live performance. By providing humanity with an interactive shared experience, the different communities are encouraged to discuss and understand different perspectives. Steve wants to raise questions about the new societies norms engineered by the partisan State, in hopes of finding the virtuous within the crowd.

Steve Gerlach


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