Steve's 1999 Toyota Tacoma

Here is a brief history of the fun times I've had with my Taco :)

This is a picture of when I drove along the Davenport Coast in the Spring of 2017:

Some of the places my Tacoma has taken me include:

Even with 230,000 miles, my Toyota is still a 'Fresh Taco' :)

Here are some of the stats for my Tacoma:

  1. 4x4 with rear differential lock and clutch start cancel
  2. 6 cylinder powerplant
  3. 5 speed manual transmission (including low gears)
  4. TRD OffRoad + SR5 Package
If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email me at

Finally, here are some extra pictures of the Taco being a beast :)

Camping in Big Sur:

Rubicon Trail overlooking Tahoe:

Overlooking Bixby Bridge along the Northern CA Coast: