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A Glimpse Into The Life of Selena Bowles

Basic Facts:

  1. Family means everything to her (which includes):
  2. Graduation

    (Dad, Grandma, Uncle, Kavel, Selena, Italia, Mom, Aunt)


    (Shae, Syray, Selena)


    (Roxy, Gigi, Bodie)

  3. She is studying Biomedical Engineering in hopes of receiving her PHD
  4. Her favorite hobbies are playing video games on the Xbox One console, sleeping and watching Netflix
  5. She is obsessed with cars and in the future hopes to own car collection consisting of both classic and new cars
  6. She plans to study abroad in the next school year
  7. She has 2 tattoos which are both family related
  8. tattoo

    (Last name tattooed on the left side of torso)


    (On left wrist)

    You can email me at sbowles@ucsc.edu

    Feel free to visit my Instagram page for more pictures from my life here.


    My First Java Program here.