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Hello, my name is Sarah Borland and I write code and the occasional funny quip (humor tends to vary.) I've been learning how to program in different languages since high school. I'm a Computer Science Major at UCSC and before that, I was an international student living in South East Asia and the Middle East.

I wanted to pursue Computer Science in college because strangely enough, I enjoyed English class back in High School. When writing essays or stories, I enjoyed writing words, erasing them, mixing them up in different ways, until I get the sentence that just feels right on the tongue. Programming is no different. Programming for me is all about communication and how to communicate efficiently. It's why we have programming "languages."

I'm still learning about coding practices, crazy algorithms and handy tools but I hope I never stop growing. I would never pursue this path if it wasn't continually evolving into new areas and places to explore. This site is my collection of projects and other things related to technology and it's advances. I hope you find tomorrow as exciting as I do!


I've worked on a multitude of projects, using a variety of languages and tools. Below is a quick summary of my work and the final products. All projects can be found at my github.


A 27 level GameMaker puzzle platformer complete with unique player mechanics and a fully emersive story
Nominated for the Foundation and Best Visual Art for 2014 Sammy Awards

Vis-A-Vis was created by Sarah Borland (myself!) and David Valdivia during March to June 2014 on GameMaker. It tells the story of two creatures living in seperate dimensions, Noir and Blanche, who unexpectedly become linked between the worlds.
I was the sole programmer for this project, so all of the mechanics from jumping, "linking" to menu selection was my work. Most of the code is custom scripts (for level control, text display, character movement etc) created to overcome GameMaker's block system limitations.

Download Vis-a-Vis for Windows

Visit the Vis-a-Vis Website

function RUBI()

A Javascript game using the Phaser framework, where you play as RUBI(), a program created to save the world!

function RUBI() was created by Team SSKY during January to March 2015 using the Phaser engine. It's a top down game where the user plays as RUBI(), a program that 'hacks' into plants to improve it's photosynthesis and uses 'datatypes' to defend itself.
I personally programmed all the user interactions: from how RUBI's upgrades and weapons work on enemies in game to creating an object that keeps track of RUBI's unlocks and 'RUBUCKS' earned during levels.

Play function RUBI() right now!
For best experience, please play function RUBI() in Chrome.


A text-based service that uses the Twilio API and SQLite to further advance access to education in developing countries.
Winner for Best Use of Twilio API and GlobalCommit: Social Good Award for HackingEDU!

Text2Learn was created during HackingEDU 2015 with a team of 5 that allows the users to recieve lessons in basic subjects such as Math and Spanish using only a toll free number and a brick phone. By subscribing to a toll-free number, the user is then able to recieve lessons as well as learn by recieving problems and answers via text messaging. As the user correctly answers questions, they earn points that allows them to 'level up' and move on to harder subjects. The service also allows others to upload 'subjects' for the users to learn using an easy file format.
I was part of a duo that was Team Database that used SQLite to create tables to keep track of the questions/answers for each subject level as well as the account data that tracks the user's progress.

More at Text2Learn's Devpost!

Anime Alert!

An Android app built using Android Studio and the Retrofit API that displays the current airing anime and notifies you when your favorite show is being simulcasted!

Anime Alert! was created by Sarah Borland, Henry Pan and Hui "Leslie" Shi Li with the goal to create an app that allows fans of Japanese animation to keep track of when new episodes are released for their favorite shows. Anime Alert allows the user to obtain, list and display information from MyAnimeList for the lastest anime show season and with one click, set up weekly episode reminders (in the user's timezone) for their favorite shows and compile them into an easy to access list.
I personally progammed the requesting of the JSON of current season's data and the importing of it into the current season database in the application. I also designed and built both user's and current season's database in SQLite and all related functions needed to manipulate (pull, insert, check etc) the data to be displayed for the users. I

More info about Anime Alert here!

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