Wigs For Kids

How to Donate Your Hair Like I Did

I have wanted to donate my hair for 10 years,
but it was too short to hit the required legnth. Over
the last few years, I have grown my hair out, and
managed to hit 14 inches last December! It was such a
wonderful experience, and I suggest everyone try it
one day!

How to Donate

  1. Your hair must be a minimum of 12 inches
  2. If your hair is curly, pull it straight to get an accurate measurement
  3. Your hair must be clean and dry
  4. Split hair into multiple ponytails, and secure tightly
  5. Cut hair above the rubber band
But don't forget these important facts!

Mail your hair donations here:
Wigs for Kids- Hair Donations
24231 Center Ridge Road
Westlake, Ohio 44141

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