Let us talk about iagothepanda.

iagothepanda is a name that has its origins in the Shakespearean world of Othello, one of Shakespeare's lesser known works. He is essentially what we would call an antagonist, but the richness of his character is amazing: he is cunning and resourceful, and really and ingenious mastermind. He manipulates words and emotions and people, and in the end, he is the reason Othello becomes a tragedy.

So, who is iagothepanda? iagothepanda is the username of a user online who writes stories. Why iago? We can only guess, but it may have something to do with what a writer does: a writer's job is manipulating manipulating their readers' emotions through beautiful words and fanciful language - quite like Iago from Othello indeed.

Image of what I think iagothepanda would look like were they real. No copyright infringement is intended.


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