This is Chloe, The Angel of Canines

Learn About Chloe! She Demands Back Scratches Profusely

You can make an appointment to give Chloe back scratches at
You can also help me feed Chloe with this great Puppy Chow here.

Her boyfriend's is named Sunny, who is an American Eskimo
Aside from back scratches, Chloe loves to chase to birds and play tag with Alice.

This is my dog Chloe and we raised her for the time she was 8 weeks old.(Read more about Chloe below!)

However, there are some things that you should know
  1. Even though I look clueless in the picture, I am actually tough.... I promise!!
  2. If we wrestle, I guarentee that you will lose.

Fun Facts about Chloe

This is a picture of Sunny, Chloe's boyfriend.