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My Bio =]

My name is Rubi Reyes. I am a transfer student in my Senior year majoring in MCD Bio. I am from San Jose,Ca. and prior to transferring to UCSC I attended San Jose City College where I competed my general education and pre-requisite STEM courses. Ever since I started college and fell in love with science it has been my passion to continue learning about the human body and how it functions.My ultimate goal is to study medicine and become a physician to provide accessible and quality healthcare. I want to be a physician because I cannot see myself doing anyhing other than serving a diverse community and providing high quality healthcare. Growing up in rural central California and experiencing the poverty and lack of healthcare access fuels my desire to become a health professional because my family and friends have been exposed to the hazards of farm labor without access to healthcare or health care providers that are Latino or that spoke Spanish. My favorite quote:

" Medicine is only for those who cannot imagine doing anything else"

Dr. Luanda Grazette, MD

16K feet above the ground ☺

Things I enjoy:

  1. hiking
  2. traveling
  3. skydiving (hoping to get my certification in the future, have one more tandem jump to go)

Reasons why MCD Bio:

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