Best Times of My Life♥

One day when I look back on college years I will say that those were the best days of my life.

Hello my name is Ruth Garcia! And this is a webpage about my college experiences that one day will be memories.

First time going to Downtown Santa Cruz my first year:

These girls have been my housemates for two years now♥

What I did my first year:

  • Made numerous trips to Downtown Santa. Cruz

  • Went to San Francisco for the first time!

  • Went to San Jose.

  • Got on an airplane for the first time!

  • Went to the beach very often!

  • Visited the boardwalk for the first time.

  • Went clubbing for the first time!

  • Built amazing relationships with my housemates.

  • Got my first job on campus at the Porter Dining Hall!

Accomplishments so far:

  1. Got promoted to a supervisor at my job within a year.

  2. Received awesome grades my first quarter of second year.

  3. Continuing to attend school at UCSC!

If you would like advice on getting a promotion at work feel free to send me an email!

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