Randall Lowe

I'm a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

You can shoot me an email @ ucscweb@rslowe.net

Or if you want to get to me quickly: Shoot an email to here if you are affiliated with UCSC, or here if you are outside of UCSC.

If you want to see a site nicer than this one made for an assignment, Click here.

This site was created for a CMPE 3 Assignment. If you were wondering where the old page that was here went, it has been moved to an alternate location here.
CMPE 3 Grader!: HI THERE!

What I am:

  1. A Sophomore (at the time of writing) Computer Science Student at UC Santa Cruz.
  2. A person that lives in the San Francisco Bay Area most of the year, instead of Santa Cruz.
  3. A student that enjoys living life while balancing university work.

What I am not (at the moment):

Here's a picture. And please do not try this computer build at home.

If this image exists, you would have seen Cardboard, a computer that was built in a cardboard box.