Hello, and Welcome to My First Website

My Name is Ray

I am currently a student at UCSC and am taking into to personal computers this Winter quarter because my knowledge of computers is very limited. I am hoping that after this course I will become much more reliable and independent when it comes to computers.

I am currently a Psycholoy major here at UCSC. I will be completeing all of my prerequisites to declare by the end of this quarter and am looking forward to finally taking upper divison psych classes.

This is the UCSC student portal log in page where I keep track of all of my academics


Some of my hobbies include

I also enjoy to be an acitve person in the community so I do do a a lot of volunteer work.

I currently do volunteer work at these places.

  1. Students Withh Families
  2. Alpha Phi Omega
  3. And a program called close up in my hometown Salinas.
And this is a picture of me.