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Topic: Neuroscience: Synaptic Transmission

  1. The synthesized neurotransmitters are packaged into vesicles.
  2. When an action potential invades a presynaptic terminal, depolarization of the neuronal cell causes opening of the Voltage-gated Calcium Cation Channels.
  3. This creates an influx of calcium cations(due to concentration differences between outside and inside of the cell), which rushes in rapidly.
  4. The increase of calcium within the neuronal cell terminal causes vesicle fusion with the membrane of the cell.
  5. Once the vesicle fuses with the membrane, neurotransmitters are then released into the synaptic cleft. (Release process known as exocytosis)
  6. Next, neurotransmitters in the synaptic cleft may bind to recptors on postsynaptic cells.
  7. This opens or closes postsynaptic channels, allowing postsynaptic current to flow into the post synaptic cell.
  8. Neurotransmitters are typically removed by glial cell reuptake or enzymatic degradation.
  9. Retrival of the membrane is completed through a process called endocytosis.
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Basic Neurochemistry: Molecular, Cellular and Medical Aspects
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