Robert S Pence

I am currently looking for an employment opportunity in a computer science related field: Software Engineering, Mobile app development, Data Analysis, or Web Development.

I am creating this website to show off my skills with html and css, and by show off I mean practice. The goal of this website is to post my coding projects, game projects, and school work. So that people who want to see it can in one easy to navigate place.


2013–2017 Computer Science Graduated University of California Santa Cruz

Relevant Courses:

  • Abstract Data Types
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Systems and Assembly Language
  • Data Structures
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Machine Learning
  • Operating Systems
  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Intro to Software Engineering
  • Software Engineering

Things I Can Do

Throughout my 22 years of life I have learned how to do many things such as:

  • Write code in C, C++, Python, Java and JavaScript.
  • Develop mobile applications using Android Studio.
  • Understand and use sql to create databases to store user information.
  • Make dynamic websites using JavaScript libraries such as Vue, Angular, and JQuery.
  • Write tests and using continuous integration tools such as Travis.
  • Work independently or in a team to create projects

Projects and Class Work

Here are a few projects that I have worked on. Some of them might be for university.


SKEDD is a site that lets you manage work schedules for your company. Made for CMPS115 with a group of 5 people over 6 weeks using Scrum and agile methods. Design documents and sprint plans are in the administrative folder on github.

SKEDD's Website

Github for SKEDD

Slash Heroes

A RPG android game made as a group project for CMPS121 at UCSC. Turn based, and to attack you have to complete swipe patterns.

Github for Slash Heroes

Contact Me

  • Email:

  • Phone: 1-(925)-858-5033

Other Websites

These are the first websites I ever made so they're not the best