There are three simple steps to the perfect apology.

Why should anyone learn how to apologize?

This is where who I learned not only how to apologize but my life as well

This is Randy Pausch who has unfortunately passed but he was someone who gave a more smart perspective on how to live and apologize the proper way.

The way to apologize is:

1. Acknowledge what you did wrong.

2. Apologize.

3. Say how you would fix the mistake that you made.

By doing this not only will it make you a better friend but someone who can be trusted
This lesson was part of a bigger video and lesson.

  • This is the link to the video: Last Lecture
  • I found this video as something inspiring because it made me realize the beauty of life.
  • What I want you to take out of this page is that apology and realizing what is wrong makes you have a lesson humility. It does not make you a small person but instead someone who is strong and willing to change for the better.
  • Thank you for reading this and have a great life!
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