Gentlemen's Guide.

A Gentlemen's Guide to Feeling Like a Sir

So you want to be a gentlemen? Well there are several required practices to accomplish before then.

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Here are some core traits a gentlemen always has:

  1. He never leaves the home without any time of overly done facial hair!
  2. He always is wearing his morning suit, afternoon suit, or night suit-- all which must look exactly the same.
  3. He prefers dark colors and they should not resemble anything like this bright background color.
  4. He must always be accompanied by a miss and/or alcoholic beverage in a wine glass.
  5. He must wear preferably accessories such as monocles, top hats, and a dress cane.

These core traditions MUST be followed without fail and exception.

The lifestyle and way of the gentlemen or "sir" is a long and difficult path, but if done properly and to an extreme, you will be known. These fine gents themselves have established such known names:
Feel like a Sir Meme Guy

26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, the epitome of masculinity and a sir.

While those two are great examples, there are many more that will just be listed because this page has too many pictures:

There are several more, but a gentlemen must be modest so I will just direct you to this link. to learn more.

Lastly, to meet all the requirements of this assignment, here is my Facebook profile picture that is unique to me. One British pound to you if you can guess what it is:

You can contact me here to learn more about how to be a sir. Please do not send an e-mail as it is a lie and if you do, Liam Neeson will find you.