My Miniature English Cream Dacshund: Oliver

The Best Dog in the World


Oliver is:

My little fur ball is the most amazing puppy in the world. He is energetic and was worth every cent I paid for him! Oli loves to cuddle with me at night. He's very energetic and loves to go to the dog park and play with other little dogs. He definitley thinks he's a lot bigger than he actually is! It's adorable! Imagine seeing this tiny puppy barking at you when your walking in the neighborhood! :) He's so lovable and is great with other people. He's the best litte doggy in the entire world!!

Things to consider if you are thinking about buying a dacshund:

  1. Price- pure breds can be quite expensive
  2. Difficult to potty train- you may need to use potty mats until fully trrained
  3. Are generally healthy but may have back problems
  4. Consistent training- they are easy to train as long as you are consistent with it
  5. Easy grooming- short haired dacshunds need little grooming, long haired dacshunds just need a light brushing each week
  6. Can be difficult with children- they tend to snap at their ankles

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