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Recent Research on the Impacts of COVID on Small Businesses and Workers


• The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Business Owners: The First Three Months after Social-Distancing Restrictions, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 2020

PDF (First version SIEPR WP, NBER WP)

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Featured Interview: JEMS


• Early Evidence of the Impacts of COVID-19 on Minority Unemployment (with Ken Couch and Huanan Xu) Journal of Public Economics, 2020

PDF (First version SIEPR WP, NBER WP)


• Gender and the COVID-19 Labor Market Downturn (with Ken Couch and Huanan Xu)



• Did the $660 Billion Paycheck Protection Program and $220 Billion Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program Get Disbursed to Minority Communities in the Early Stages of COVID-19? (with Frank Fossen)


Selected Media: The Conversation


• Sales Losses in the First Quarter of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from California Administrative Data (with Frank Fossen)


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Congressional Testimony

U.S. House of Representatives, Feb. 2021

Written: PDF

Hearing Video: Video (55 mins in)


California State Assembly, Feb. 2021

Written: Testimony

Hearing Video: Video (57 mins in)



Senate Bills

New Senate Bill by Senators Schumer, Booker, Harris, and others citing research

New bills signed by Governor Gavin Newsome citing research



Recent Estimates for Impacts on Small Business Owner Activity

(These are updates to estimates reported in PDF)









Excel Version of Figure and Tables



Additional Information


UCSC University Forum Video

IZA World of Labor Commentary