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Democracy in America is Not Real

Democracy is defined as the following: a form of government that is formed by the people and for the people. This type of government needs to fulfill the needs of the people and protect the rights of the people. The government of the United states does not reflect this description of Democracy. The government of the United States is fulfilling the needs of large corporations and protecting them from large tax fees. As the election of this year blooms, the true colors of the Presidential Candidates are brought to light thanks to many alternative news outlets, which are analyzing the election in an non-bias way. One of the most recent change in the law is that large corrupt corporations are considered as people. Therefore, they are able to financially support specific campaigns. Some might argue that it is a good way to show support for a specific Presidential Candidate but if that specific Candidate is elected as President they will return the favor in tax cuts. the interests and needs of the people are then not fully met. In addition, it is simply just not fair for the people, who work hard to provide for their family financially every day. Large corporations are saving money by not paying their full share in taxes. this can be the reason why many thins in American societies are not yet fixed.

Political Cartoon depicting how much congress and corporations are effecting the government in the United States

Presidential election

As the presidential election is coming up, when analyzing and deciding on who you will vote for take into consideration their stance on the influence of large corporations. In addition, get informed through alternative news outlets like the Young Turks, Democracy Now, or Vice news. Theses new outlet will give you all non-bias news coverage on many topics and event that are happening around the world. The future of America is in our hands, its time to make Democracy real in America.

Here are some steps that you can take in order to get started in taking political action

  1. Get informed, know the facts.
  2. Spread awareness through an organization or social media outlets.
  3. Vote and encourage others to vote as well!

Here are some links to the alternative news outlets I have mentioned above.

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